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The politics of the Caropsyne Pontanore are dominated by a number of recurring themes and undercurrents that must be understood, if Pontanore Politics are to be understood:


[edit] Dormondism vs The New Left

The conflict between the Dormondist faction in Caropsyne Politics and the New Left (Caropsyne: Ludmoscara Zelema) of Miria Seranoda is one of the defining aspects of Pontanore Politics. Dormondism, as defined by Dr. Phodric Dormond, is a right-wing, statist theory of government, represented mostly by the Moderate Party of the Pontanore (Caropsyne: Sartoma Camasca) which supports state-interventionism and high links between military and government figures. This political ideology was that favoured by both Dormond and Dr. Haldric Maldian. In Contrast, the New Left is a resurgent socialist movement that is embraced by much of the Pontanore's intellectual elite, and currently represents fashionable politics in the Pontanore. Since the introduction of Seranoda's Purges in the last two years, Dormondists and their allies have been ousted from leading positions throughout civic life in the Pontanore. Seen as responsible for widespread corruption and the excesses of the Damosca, Dormondists stand accused by the New Left of blurring the boundaries between government and military so as to pursue an aggressive, and inappropriate foreign policy. In contrast, Dormondist critics of the current government consider the New Left to be a hollow term for what they consider to be a "personality cult" centred around the charismatic Miria Seranoda, who they see as hypocritical and opportunistic in having previously supported both the Dormond and Maldian governments, before undermining them so as to seize power. This conflict regularly spills out into the mainstream international media, with Euvodora seen as the principle driving force in Pontanore left-wing politics, with Permenta becoming the base of an increasing number of self-proclaimed Dormondist "exiles," whose economic links are of importance to the Pontanor economy. The dramatic Siege of the Pontiana illustrated the depths of this conflict in the past, with the result being a shunning of Dormondists from the political mainstream throughout the Pontanore. The current Chairman of the Moderate Party of the Pontanore, Dr. Olimand Kossroth polled only 12% of the vote against Miria Seranoda in the latest Premier Elections.

[edit] The Centre Ground

The elusive centre-ground in Pontanore Politics is claimed by a number of large parties. The Moderate Party of the Pontanore claims to be the true centrist party of Pontanore Politics, but this claim is now often dismissed in light of the foreign policy advocated by previous Dormondist premiers. An effort within the Moderate Party, known as the Moderate Party Reform Movement (Caropsyne: Caspara infrenon Sartoma Camasca) advocates the sidelining of Dormondist policies within the party, and the expulsion of Dormondist members. As well as this, the Social Democratic Party of the Pontanore (Caropsyne: Sartoma Lajanmana Sojana), led by disgraced former Pontanore Interior Minister Marias Dortmond, who is currently facing criminal charges for corruption, also claims this position. The party has lost its place as a major contributor to politics in recent years, and is seen widely as a branch of Dormondism. The Liberty Party (Caropsyne: Sartoma Caspara) under Pholis Termol is one of the few centrist parties to have remained centrist since conception. With the intention of other parties to seize the most votes possible, through adopting centrist policies, the Liberty Party has lost the majority of its support since the Dormond Government.

[edit] Privatisation

The decision taken by the Dormond Government to privatise 25% of Carops Oil (Caropsyne: Caropsa Haspa) provoked a symbolic backlash from the Pontanore public, which demonstrates the support for nationalised public industries that is felt throughout the Pontanore. There are six major industries in which State-Owned ventures have a total monopoly. The Pontanore operates a State-Owned railway system, airline, energy company, shipping company, postal service, and pharmacy. The State Dispensory of the Pontanore (Caropsyne: Eda Cospalda Silpera infrenon eda Pontanore)is the Pontanore's state-owned chain of chemist stores. Opposition to privatisation lies in the fact that Pontanore citizens expect the high levels of service provided by these state-run ventures, and consider their taxes to be useful in paying for them. Recent attempts by politicians on the political right to pass laws selling off Pontanore Airlines (Caropsyne: Pontanoresca Ermenta) resulted in the headline "Criminals!" in Eda Lampasarrra, the Pontanore's leading left-wing daily. Careers are often ended by talk of privatisation.

[edit] Working Conditions

The Pontanore working week is considered sacrosanct in most political circles, after the deposition of several officials in places of responsibility within the Interior Ministry, as a result of leaked plans for extending standard working hours. Since then, politicians have been reluctant to alter the existing arrangements.

[edit] The Fostana

The Fostana, whilst mostly popular, holds a divisive position within Pontanore Politics. The power held by the Fostana allows it to effectively aid in "King-making" upon the election of new governments. The closeness between Rolmand, Lord Roth and Miria Seranoda is seen as having smoothed her path to power, whereas Fostana opposition to Dr. Haldric Maldian, is thought to have played the most important role in stimulating his downfall.

[edit] The Cadriana

Seranoda's new Cadriana is seen as somewhat pointless throughout much of the Pontanore. There are concerns that it will cripple existing government structures and bring down the stability of the Pontanore.

[edit] Foreign Affairs

Pontanore governments are often reluctant to form close relations with other powers, owing to a surprising level of xenophobis throughout the Pontanore's ethnically-Caropsyne territories. Ardalia's relationship with the Pontanore is somewhat unstable, owing to memories of conflicts between the two nations. "Ardalian" is still synonymous with "drunk" or "wife-beater" in colloquial speech in Carops. In the same way, public opinions of Latagonians and Caldari shift regularly, with Latagonians generally seen as imperialist, uncultured, and having poor personal hygiene, whereas Caldari are viewed as ruthless, efficient, short, and boring. These somewhat unrealistic prejudices are often enough to determine popular support for foreign policy, regardless of contemporary situations.

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